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The Bikes

Currently, 3 basic configurations have been developed: the JRS-M01 StreetFighter [JRS-M01SF] the JRS-M01 SuperSport [JRS-M01SS] and JRS-M01 TouringCruiser [JRS-M01TC]. Each configuration has its own characteristic traits. The eventual aim is to develop multiple configurations.

  JRS-M01 StreetFighter  

The JRS-M01SF is an aggressive motorcycle concept. The base parameter settings are extreme. This means it has a short wheelbase and a small “ball head angle”. The result is that the steering on the JRS-M01SF is precise and it is highly manoeuvrable.

JRS-M01 StreetFighter

  JRS-M01 SuperSport  

The JRS-M01SS is a sporty motorcycle concept. The base parameters have been set for extreme sporting use. This produces performance and precision that really pushes the envelope. On the road or on the circuit, the JRS-M01SS has been designed for the optimal feel of total control.

JRS-M01 SuperSport

  JRS-M01 TouringCruiser  

The JRS-M01TC has been created for longer journeys. The base parameters have the optimal settings for touring. This gives rise to the best protection against wind and weather, optimal ergonomics, comfort and ease of operation, for the pillion passenger too. The JRS-M01TC has been designed for thousands of kilometres - preferably without break.

JRS-M01 TouringCruiser

  JRS-M01 Minisite  

For more information, please visit our JRS-M01 Minisite.



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